Resilient Flooring Designs and Trends

Resilient flooring designs and trends change and evolve just as fashion and popular trends change. Congoleum's resilient flooring designs are inspired from a wide variety of sources. Over the last decade design inspiration has come mainly from natural structures and materials. Stones and woods in a degree of shapes and sizes have dominated the flooring design front. All types of natural stones and planks are seen in the contemporary designs of resilient flooring.

Slate inspires deep texture and intense color.

Limestone encourages light, soft looks that work well as overall patterns.

Sandstone creates looks with blended color and strong texture.

Pavers inspire unique patterns and custom looking layouts.

All of our resilient plank designs are inspired from realistic wood looks and textures.

Maple provides a smooth delicate touch to any decor.

Rustics bring a naturally weathered or reclaimed look to the design. Often in a variety of colors, these planks work great in contemporary spaces.

Exotics bring a sophisticated and distinctive feel to any space.

In previous decades, bold patterns and designs on the floor have been regarded as the centerpiece of the room. Resilient flooring designs are still focused on the natural looks and bringing nature into the home, but designs have begun to trend to bolder more intense patterns and looks. What will the future bring?