Ask Doty, Our Design and Style Expert


Doty, design expert and professional designer, brings her unique style and advice to you. Ask Doty anything you need to know about style and design.

Decorating Style

When I try to select a floor fashion, where do I start?

First you will want to decide if you want a tile look or a wood plank look. From there browse our room scenes and try our style quiz to help determine what type of pattern you like most. Pay attention to things like “I like a thin grout line” or “I really like a smooth looking wood.” These will help you determine which floor style is best for you and your home. All of our floors are carefully designed by our team of experts, so you can rest assured that any pattern you choose will look professional and stunning.

I like contemporary looks but have a traditional home, how do I blend the two styles?

No problem. Modern design is quite flexible. When designing patterns we take great care to think about the look in every home type. A traditional home often pairs well with rich, natural stones but can easily be blended with sleek lines if the coloration is natural. Homes trending towards the contemporary side will look urban rustic if paired with a more traditional looking pattern, a trend of the times. We are fortunate to live in the 20th century where a mix and match of traditional and contemporary looks is right on trend and gives you the best of both worlds.

I have a small studio apartment and am looking for ides to make the room look larger.

A great way to enhance any small room is with large scale designs on your floor. In the past it was taught that small patterns should go in small rooms, but as new trends take over and design technology improves, designers have found that larger scale tiles and big blocks work great in small spaces. Larger scale designs eliminate a busy look in the room and allow the eye to see a well-integrated space that flows. To make a small room look larger, try a larger scale pattern, you can’t go wrong.

What flooring do I use for my bathroom? I have young kids and bath time is always a challenge for my floor.

Bath time… ahh, by challenge you mean your floor also gets a washing in the process. At Congoleum we have years of experience with this same circumstance. All Congoleum floors are just PERFECT for this application. Resilient floors are inherently moisture resistant. Carpet will soak up the water, laminate will warp and hardwood will acquire water spots. Tile is cold, hard, and often extremely slippery when wet. Congoleum vinyl flooring is the solution for areas where water and spills are sure to occur. Water on the surface of vinyl flooring will not damage the integrity of the product, making bath time worry free and fun!

I want to paint my room a bold bright color, how do I choose a floor that will coordinate well now and if I change my paint later.

Wall decoration, including coloration often changes much more frequently than you will change say, your kitchen cabinets or floor covering. Your flooring will adapt perfectly to the wall covering you choose at any given time. Resilient flooring has many different colors within each unique design pattern; those many colors have a variety of colors they coordinate well with. That large pallet of color will give you the base to choose a wall color. Any intensity of that color that you choose will harmonize with your flooring.

I have four boys, all different ages, but who all track in mud and mess, are there any easy clean flooring options that still look good? I hate when dirt gets caught in the grout lines of my ceramic floor, but like the tile look.

Yes! Congoleum offers numerous flooring choices that feature Scotchgard™ Protector. Scotchgard effortlessly repels dirt, grime and mess. Product lines that include this unique additive are still held to our strictest style and durability requirements, meaning not only are they actually guaranteed to be easy to clean, they are gorgeous and tough when standing up to wear and tear from your family. If you like the tile look but don’t want to deal with any grout lines, resilient sheet flooring in a tile layout might be just the product you need.

In addition, if you do decide to go with a Luxury Vinyl Tile and want to grout your floor, Congoleum grout can be used with DuraCeramic and Ovations. Acrylic grout will never crack, crumble or stain from common household wear and tear. This means cleaning up will always be a breeze.

I am thinking about adding color to my floor, but am a little tentative, where is a good place to start?

Congoleum offers many products that will help you add a splash of color to your flooring. No need to be concerned about too much color. Our design team has carefully selected the color combinations and pigment intensities of each of our flooring patterns. They have added just the right amount of color to each floor to give you the perfect look whether you choose our most intense blend or a lighter blend. Our stronger patterns will energize your home yet blend well with other strong features in the room. Our softer looks will harmonize your room and balance the looks in your home. More intense colors will certainly bring out your flooring, and with Congoleum’s easy clean flooring features, you will always be proud to show off your floor.