AirStep 10-Year Limited Warranty

Product Covered: AirStep Basix

The AirStep 10-Year Limited Warranty means that your new floor: Warranty Period
  • will not wear out
10 years
  • will be free of manufacturing defects
10 years
  • will not stain including stains from asphalt tracking, rubber - backed mats and common household items
10 years
  • will not fade or discolor from heat or sunlight
10 years
  • will not discolor from mold, mildew or alkali
10 years
  • will not gouge, rip or tear from normal use
10 years
  • will not permanently indent when proper floor protectors are used
10 years
Correct installation practices must be followed to ensure a trouble-free installation. While installation errors are the responsibility of your flooring installer and not covered by Congoleum’s warranty, if the flooring is correctly installed following all guidelines in the AirStep Installation Instructions, your AirStep Advantage, AirStep Evolution, AirStep Plus and AirStep Basix floor will be warranted:
1. Not to curl 10 years
2. Not to open at seams 10 years
3. Not to buckle 10 years
4. Not to release over joints in underlayment panels 10 years

The conditions 1, 2, 3, and 4 above will be warranted as long as the flooring is installed in an occupied residence that maintains a temperature range of 55° to 100° F. Any of the above conditions will not be covered if caused by job site environmental conditions in new construction or renovation work.

The AirStep 10-Year Limited Warranty provision covers material for the period of the warranty and reasonable labor costs during years one through two if professional installation was paid for when the original floor was installed. For years three through five, the warranty covers material and 50% of reasonable labor costs if professional installation was paid for when the original floor was installed. After the fifth year, the warranty covers material only; labor will not be paid.