2013 Design Trends

Design trends change as the years pass. Some designs become classics, others are passing fads. Trends influence each element of style and design in your life. Trends impact fashion, color, personal style and interior design. This year, for 2013 four major trends or themes dominate the impression on our personal style.

The Trends

Lines, modular looks, large furniture with serious structure and hidden storage. These are the characteristics that define this trend. Look for linear looks on walls and floors and a bold piece of furniture to stabilize a room.

An accent of customization. Customization is a trend that has become more mainstream. Why not get exactly what you want. You are unique and so is your personal style. The Tattoo trend brings this to fruition, a look that defines only you and is designed only for you.

The Loft influence is suggestive of mix and match, multi-function and hybrid living. Once industrial usage becomes an everyday urban vibe mode of living. Eclectic lifestyles converge, inviting new uses for old spaces. A combination of hard and soft. Mosaics that bring together texture and elements not commonly seen together. Contemporary spaces with traditional wood floors. Or pieces of looks joined to create a whole feel.

Buzz: Re-Claimed : Pieced : Weathered : Rusted Exposed : Brick : Worn : Concrete Floorboards : Industrial : Urban Rustic : Interplay : Open Concept : Raw

Modern Primitive
Excavating the hidden gems of the past exposes a new look at the old, allowing for chameleon ways of living. Hybrid (a sustainable word) of materials fuses old with the new, creating new horizons of texture (matte and shine) and for multi-purpose spaces. Slabs, reclaimed woods, a true blend of old and new. Large format blocks and chunky pieces of stone and wood represent this feel. Mixing a weathered, reclaimed wood in a funky color with a set of modern sleek lined furniture and abstract artwork embodies the modern primitive look.

Buzz: Retro Modern : Etched : Raw & Polished Excavated : Worn : Mid-Century Modern Hybrid : Chameleon : Multi-purposed Expose : Chiseled : Stone Ancient Modern : Matte & Shine : Sustainable